Mobile Payments How You Need Them

Depending on your product or service and software, you need multiple options to deliver a mobile credit card processing feature to your customers. We have several mobile app solutions allowing for varying degrees of customization and accounting for different levels of technical resources available to you. The ProPay Mobile App (ProPay branded), a white-labeled app, URL scheming and SDK integration options are all available.

The App and the JAK.
A perfect combination.

With the ProPay Mobile App, you can securely process credit cards in real time anytime, anywhere on your Apple® iOS or Android™ device (smartphone, tablet PC, other). Even works if you don't have data. Paired with the ProPay JAK™mobile card reader, you can swipe cards securely and enjoy lower rates.
  • Process credit cards and debit cards in real time
  • Capture your customer's signature at the point of sale
  • Store encrypted card data securely for later processing or future billing
  • Send email receipts
  • Calculate sales tax and tip
  • Sensitive payment data is encrypted upon swipe, eliminating risk and protecting vulnerable customer data
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Download the ProPay app from the Apple App Store or Google play.

The ProPay Mobile App

For companies needing an out-of-the-box mobile solution, ProPay's own app is free to download and easy to use for your customers.
Users simply log in to the app to process credit/debit card payments or use it with the ProPay JAK™ mobile card reader. The app can also be used to manage certain account features.

White-labeled App

ProPay's fully functional mobile app can easily be branded to your business. It's your brand that your customers trust. It's your brand that they will immediately recognize. The white-labeled app has all the same capabilities of the ProPay app, but can be customized to look and feel like it's your own app. Customizable elements include:
  • Company/product logo
  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Background color
  • Tertiary color
  • Negative color
  • Switches
  • App launcher icon

ProPay Mobile SDK

Need to add payments to your own app?

If you already have a stellar app and just need to add custom payment functionality, we can help. ProPay's Mobile SDK can be integrated directly into your app experience. Sure, this requires some development on your side. But integrating ProPay payments into your product has its perks:
  • Custom user experience within your own application
  • Available for both iOS and Android

Get the FLASH

ProPay FLASH Card Reader

Need to accept credit card payments on your PC or Laptop? With the ProPay FLASH mobile card reader, simply connect to an internet-enabled computer and process payments. You'll also enjoy lower swipe rates.
If you don't have Internet access the ProPay FLASH mobile card reader can store up to 71 transactions for processing when you get back to your computer and have Internet access.  All sensitive payment data is encrypted from the moment of swipe, so your customers’ data is protected through the entire process.
Once processed, the transactions are deleted from the device, but you can store the customer's card data in our secure database for future billing.

Get the FLASH


Make it easy for your independent sales representatives to securely accept credit cards and save yourself in processing fees with ProPay secure, payment processing.

Your sales representatives can now securely upload credit card transactions to your corporate merchant account. The benefit—you’ll save money and they will save time. With ProPay JAK™ there’s no writing card numbers down (and no calling customers back on unreadable or incorrect information).

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