ProPay's Payment Facilitator Model

As one of the original merchant aggregators, ProPay’s Payment Facilitator Program is uniquely suited to support the needs of SaaS platforms, software developers, service providers, community heads, online marketplaces, and business models requiring the functionality of merchant aggregation without the hassle and work of aggregating transactions in traditional processing environments.


While other companies sponsor and process transactions for Payment Facilitators, this is often the only service they deliver. ProPay provides you with secure payment processing solutions along with all the services necessary to operate a successful Payment Facilitator model.


ProPay’s ProFac Express allows you to immediately take advantage of our online application, instant boarding, underwriting and processing solutions to get you started accepting card transactions quickly. With features like split settlement, accounting and merchant funding, no liability, full liability, white label or co-brand, we’ve got you covered.


Low risk/no registration, co-branded and ProPay does the heavy lifting

  • Designed for SaaS and software providers needing instant boarding, flexible underwriting and split payment capabilities
  • Low liability program
  • Registration is not required
  • Instant onboarding process
  • Underwriting performed fully by ProPay, flexible parameters for “auto-approval”
  • Funding is always to the sub-merchant
  • Co-branded landing page using our short form application
  • Merchants log in and use ProPay’s systems for reporting and access tobilling information
  • Customer service for merchant services issues are handled by ProPay

ProFac Silver

No registration; Partner or ProPay manage risk, underwriting, AML, OFAC and take liability; flexibility on app and branding

  • Designed for SaaS and software providers needing referral capabilities plus flexibility in the application, branding and underwriting processes
  • Registration not required
  • No transactional liability for the payment facilitator
  • Utilize ProPay’s T&Cs embedded
  • Merchants can use ProPay’s system for reporting and online access, or this can be provided by the vendor
  • Customer service is a combined effort between parties
  • Underwriting performed fully by ProPay; can explore hybrid approach where existing relationships exist (DDAs, legal, etc.) to expedite KYC, OFAC and regulatory requirements

ProFac Gold

Full-scale registered payment facilitator — 100% risk with acquiring bank partner

  • Designed for providers and companies looking to leverage ProPay’s platform and services to fully operate as a registered Facilitator
  • Full liability at Facilitator level
  • Registration required
  • Short form application in Facilitator environment, integrated T&Cs
  • API available for boarding of merchants
  • Underwriting can be performed by ProPay, or Facilitator can design underwriting program for approval by ProPay
  • Risk management performed by Facilitator, or may be outsourced to ProPay, with either option requiring agreed-upon parameters that meet OFAC, KYC and other regulations or requirements of bank or brands
  • PCI Compliant and validated or utilize ProtectPay
  • All support and service provided by Facilitator to sub-merchant
  • Funding schedule to be determined by Facilitator

ProFac Express Design Flexibility

At ProPay, we want to be your long-term payment facilitator business partner, not simply your transaction processor. The success of our clients begins with a consultative session with the ProPay team where we’ll discuss the goals of your business and your processing needs.

We’ll delve into how ProPay’s products and people can deliver a solution that meets your requirements while ensuring regulatory and card brand requirements are met. 

The ProPay team has years of experience in navigating the payment facilitator waters and works with you to not only choose, but understand, the options and decisions to best fit your business needs.

Our Team will cover the options for:

  • Registration
  • Liability
  • Branding
  • Merchant agreements
  • Risk modeling
  • Underwriting
  • Chargebacks
  • and all the other complexities associated with processing in a payment facilitator model

Branding, Online Application and Boarding

ProPay provides Payment Facilitators with APIs to create an online application, or the option to utilize our online, short-form merchant application to deliver an automated boarding process. We’ve simplified the terms and conditions along with the information collected on the applications to make it quick and easy for you to get up and processing.

Since the first interaction with your customer is often the application, ensuring your customers encounter a convenient customer friendly application process that covers both your and ProPay’s services is critical for a successful payment facilitator program. We even provide you with co-branded landing pages and documentation to speed up your time to market.

Underwriting Services & Risk Management

Providing full-service underwriting and risk management as part of ProFac Express allows payment facilitators to focus on their technology and services knowing that ProPay is examining accounts from the initial approval process through the lifecycle. We offer everything from a Zero Liability Program up to a Full Liability Program depending on your business needs and we will help you every step of the way.

Underwriting rules and processes are defined early in the design process. ProPay has all the tools and experience necessary to meet federal, state and card brand requirements for payment processing.

Additionally, whether the product or service is delivered digitally, physically or distributed through complex sales environments, the ability to define both the customer and the business rules helps in establishing processing parameters.

Parameters such as transaction thresholds, average ticket, shipping time frames and other items are defined and monitored on a routine basis. We’ll even hold deposits or establish reserves dependent upon suspicious or unusual activity.

Processing Capabilities

Since 1997, ProPay has provided simple, secure and affordable payment solutions for organizations ranging from the small, home-based entrepreneur to multi-billion-dollar enterprises requiring complex payment solutions. The foundation of ProFac Express is the ProtectPay® processing platform. Originally designed to meet the complex processing needs of the direct selling industry, ProtectPay has evolved into an industry leading solution for payment facilitators. Through a single interface you have access to a suite of products that help you process transactions in a fast, secure and affordable manner.  Highlights of the ProtectPay platform include:
  • Full tokenization & encryption
  • Support for one-time, recurring, card-swiped or card-not-present transactions
  • EnsureBill℠  provides you with the ability to update stored cards as they expire or are lost/stolen, providing a seamless recurring or auto-ship solution for your merchants
  • Multicurrency processing allows you to sell in the currency of your cardholder
  • Online boarding through APIs to the platform
  • SplitPay for collection of convenience fees or service fees associated with processing transactions, simplifying the process of fee collection from your merchants
  • A commission or funding component allowing you to pay your customers through a branded debit card
  • Integrated support for TSYS Guardian CyberShield℠ to protect your customers from fraudulent transactions

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