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How do I sign up?
If you are signing up for your own business, you simply need to click on the Sign Up button at the top right of this page. You will see the available pricing tiers for you to select. Click on the button below the pricing tiers to start the sign up process. The process should only take a few minutes to complete. If you are working with a company who has partnered with ProPay, please visit your company’s website to apply. This ensures that your account is properly affiliated with your company and their specific pricing.

Please note: Applications are found after logging in to your account with your company, not on the home page of their website.
How do I log in?
To login to your account, click the Log In button at the top right of any page on ProPay's website. Enter your username and click continue. If this is your first time logging on your current internet browser, you will be prompted to answer your challenge questions. It will then ask for your password. Once you enter your password you will be logged into your account.

What if I forgot my password?
If you don’t know your password, you can click on "forgot password" after you enter your username. It will then prompt you to answer two security questions and enter your Social Security Number. If you have answered this information correctly you will be prompted to create a new password.
If you don’t have any challenge questions set up, the system will lock your account and require you to call customer service to get your account unlocked. We can be reached at 866-573-0951 Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m - 7:00 p.m. MST.
If you answer the challenge questions incorrectly but you enter your social security number correctly, you will be prompted to receive a verification code. You can choose the method by which you would like to receive this code. Once you receive the code, simply enter it into the box and submit the information. You will then be prompted to create your own password and you will be taken into your account.

Watch our tutorial video here.

How do I process a credit card?
We have several options for how you can process a credit card.
Using the Online Terminal
To process the card using the online terminal, log in to your ProPay Account and select “Process a Card --> Process via Online Terminal. Fill out the required information and submit the form. You will be prompted to review the information to make sure it is correct. Press submit one more time and you will see a confirmation page if the transaction has gone through successfully.
Sending an Email Invoice
You can also send an email invoice to your customer by choosing Process a Card --> Send an Email Invoice. Simply fill out the form with the required information and send the invoice. The customer will then receive an email with a link where they will be prompted to enter their card information.
On your smartphone or tablet using the ProPay App
To process a card on the app, log in to the app on your Apple or Android device and follow the steps to process a card there. For more information about our app, please see the tutorial here.

With a ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader
To process a card using a ProPay JAK, just log in to the app on your Apple or Android device. You will have the option to select a card reader. If you have a ProPay JAK you can plug it into the audio jack of your device and use it to swipe cards for payment.

With a ProPay chip card reader
Step 1 – Pair the reader to your device: Turn on the Bluetooth device pairing on your mobile device and then power on the ProPay chip card reader. Select the ProPay chip card reader in the scanned device list to begin pairing (when your reader is connected, the green LED light will be on).
Step 2 – Process a transaction: Download the ProPay app onto a supported Apple or Android device. After you have logged into your account, you will have the option to enter an amount for the transaction and select the chip card reader as your default reader (if you have previously selected a different reader as your default, you may select “Not the correct reader” to update your default selection). If the reader is correctly paired, you will be prompted to insert or swipe a card to accept a payment.
Troubleshooting techniques - Please try the following if you have difficulty connecting to the ProPay chip card reader:
  • Verify that you are using a supported Apple or Android device running on a supported OS version
  • Verify that your device is connected to a reliable data connection (preferably WiFi) and that data access has been enabled for the ProPay app
  • When pairing, verify that Bluetooth has been enabled on your device and that the chip card reader is on  and connected (the power LED indicator will glow blue when on, and the green LED indicator will show); you may need to disconnect any other Bluetooth paired devices from your smartphone or tablet
How Do I See My Transaction History?
You can view your transaction history either on the ProPay App for Android and Apple device, or by logging into your account online.
Using the App
For more information on how to use the app, please see our tutorial here.
Logging in Online
Log in to your ProPay account and select the "View Reports" tab. From here, you will have several reports to select from. The most helpful one is the Transactions report. This report combines most of the information from the other reports into one concise report. It will show you your running balance, your pending transactions and any settled transactions. After selecting the report you will need to choose the time frame for which you wish to view the report. Keep in mind that you can only view 30 days at a time. Once you execute your search you’ll be able to view any transactions in that month.
What is the Advanced transaction search for?
You can use the "Advanced Transaction Search" to locate transactions that are no longer available in your regular reports. Under your regular reports you can see transactions that go back two years. Under Advanced Transaction Search you can go back to transactions that are three years old by searching for individual information, such as the last four of the card number, the amount, or the date of the transaction.
Can I have paper statements mailed to me?
If you’d like you can have paper monthly statements mailed to you for a fee. You can enroll in this option by logging in to your account and selecting My Account --> My Profile --> Change Options and selecting the option to receive the statements. The fee is charged monthly from your account balance. If you don’t have funds in your balance at the time the report is run you will not be charged that month and you will not receive a paper statement. You’re also always able to view your reports online by selecting View Reports --> Transaction Report and choosing the month you’d like to view. You can download and print these reports for your records.
How do I refund a card?
Before refunding a transaction, you need to ensure you have enough money in your account balance to cover the amount to be refunded, as well as the refund fee, which can be up to $0.35 per refund.

If you don't have enough money in your account to cover the refund you can add funds to your account. For instructions on how to do add funds, please see our Add Funds section here. If you have customer credit card sales to process, this will also deposit funds into your account.

To refund a transaction, log in to your account and select View Transactions --> Transactions Report. Select the month you would like to view and load the report. Click on the transaction number and enter the amount to be refunded into the refund box. Click "Refund Transaction" to submit the refund.

It generally takes 2-3 business days for the customer to see the funds back on their card. We recommend you let your customer know that you will be refunding the transaction, so they know what to expect.
Common Questions Regarding Refunds:
What is the fee to refund a credit card?
Refunding a credit card can cost up to $0.35. You will need to have the $0.35 in your account balance in addition to the amount that you want to refund. *Please note that the original transaction fees will not be returned to you once the refund is completed.

How long will it be before the customer sees the refund?
Normally the customer will see a refund within 2 to 3 business days, though some banks will not show the refund as having been processed until the customer receives their next statement.

Can I cancel a transaction?
You are able to cancel (or void) a transaction if it is still pending. Transactions pend for 24 hours. The option to void is only available if the transaction has not been sent for settlement. The file is usually sent about midday. You can always attempt to void the transaction, but if it has been sent for settlement, you will receive a message stating the void was unsuccessful. If this is the case, you can refund the transaction once it settles.
*Please note that voiding a transaction is different than issuing a refund, as the transaction is canceled before fees are applied. There are no refund fees for voiding a transaction.
How do I check my balance?
Checking your balance is very easy to do. You can log into your account using the ProPay App for Apple or Android devices. For more information about our app, please see our tutorial here. You can also check your balance by logging into your account online. The home screen of your account will show you your current balance. Finally, you can call our automated phone line (888-497-9776) and follow the prompts to check your balance there. You will need a phone access PIN number, which you can create by logging into your account and selecting My Account --> My Profile --> Change/Add Phone Access PIN.
How do I access my funds?
You can access your ProPay funds by using your ProPay Prepaid Debit MasterCard, by transferring to your checking account on file, or by transferring funds to another ProPay account (such as a friend or fellow business owner).
Validation Process
The Bank Account Validation process is how ProPay verifies that the bank account information you provided is correct. This process is to help you avoid any fees from funds being returned due to incorrect information. You are required to complete this process before adding funds into a ProPay Account. Though not required for you to complete the process before transferring funds out of your account, ProPay strongly recommends doing so to avoid any return fees.
This process will send two small test deposits to the bank account you listed on file. Once you see those amounts in your bank account you will need to log back in to your ProPay account and type in the amounts.
If you have not yet added a bank account to your profile, please follow these instructions:
Log in to your account and select My Account --> My Profile --> Change/Add Bank Account and fill out the required information for the bank account you wish to validate. Click "Submit" to save the information to your profile. On the success screen click the button to "Start Bank Validation" to begin the validation process.
If you’ve already added a bank account to your profile, please follow these instructions:
Log in to your account and select My Account --> My Profile --> Change/Add Bank Account and review the information that you’ve already entered to ensure it is correct. If the information is correct select "Click Here to Start Validation Process."
These deposits can take 3-9 business days to appear (though typically they show up within a few days). Once you see them, log back in to ProPay and select the ‘Complete Bank Validation’ option under the Additional Resources section, located on the right side of your main account screen. You will need to enter the two amounts and then click "Submit" to finish the process.
You will now be able to add funds to your ProPay account and you’ll be able to transfer funds to your bank account, knowing your information is correct.
What are My Fees?
What are processing fees?
Processing fees are charged each time you process a credit card. These fees are automatically deducted from your transactions and the remaining amount is deposited into your ProPay account.

For example:
Let’s say you need to process a customer's card for $10. This transaction could cost 3.25% plus a $0.35 per transaction fee*. The total amount deposited into your ProPay Account would be $9.32.
*To find out how much the processing fees are on your specific account, log in to your account and select My Account --> My Profile --> Account Rates.

What is the $10 ACH Return Fee?
An ACH return occurs when we try to send funds to a bank account using an erroneous routing and/or account number that was entered. Consequently, your transfer cannot be completed and is returned to your account, minus the $10 ACH Return Fee.

A $10 fee is charged because ProPay incurs fees when an ACH return occurs. ACH returns can be avoided by completing the Bank Account Validation process. Please click here to learn more.
What is the Chargeback Fee?
A non-refundable chargeback fee of $15 applies for each chargeback that occurs. We handle all of the paperwork of the dispute for you so that you don’t have to deal with the process directly. For more questions about the Chargeback process, please click here.

The chargeback fee will apply even if the chargeback is re-presented successfully and is reversed.
What is an Account Maintenance Fee?
An account maintenance fee is charged if your account expires with funds still in the balance. You can avoid this fee by renewing your account or transferring your balance to your bank account before the expiration date. If you choose to renew your account, we will refund up to two maintenance fees. If you have renewed your account and wish these two fees to be refunded, please call our customer service department at 866-573-0951.
What is the fee to transfer funds?
There is a small fee to transfer funds to your bank account. The amount of the fee depends upon your account type. To find out how much the transfer fee is on your specific account, log in to your account and select My Account --> My Profile --> Account Rates.
How do I update my account information?
You can update your account information at any time by logging in to your account online and selecting My Account --> My Profile. From here you have the option to change your street address or phone number, email address, password, challenge questions, bank account or Phone Access PIN.
Remember that your evening phone number is what will show up on your customers' credit card statements, so be sure that number is accurate. If you receive mail at a different location than your physical address you can add a mailing address.
What is an Authorization Transaction?
Authorization transactions are confusing. First, allow us to explain the process of charging a credit card. Any time a card is charged there are two stages: Authorization and settlement. Authorization occurs when the card is run. The merchant (the person or store you are buying something from) runs your card and requests the payment from your bank or credit card company. Your bank then says "Yes, this account has the necessary funds and we release them to you; here they are." This is the authorization portion. Then the merchant says "We accept the funds," and they go ahead and claim them. This is the settlement portion.
Normally, these two processes occur simultaneously. Occasionally, depending on the company charging your card, there may be some time between the two stages. When you go to a restaurant, for example, they will authorize your card and then you will sign the credit card slip and list a tip amount. The restaurant will then settle the transaction later by entering in the tip amount and claiming the full charge. A hotel will often authorize your card for a much higher amount than what you owe when you check in. Then, when you check out, if you haven’t charged any extra services to your room they will settle the card for a smaller amount.
The other time that this can happen is if there is any technical problem with the transaction. Sometimes the merchant will run your card and their system says to our system "We’d like to request these funds." Our system replies with "Okay, here they are," but for whatever reason there is a timeout between the two systems and the merchant’s system never sees that we released the funds and authorized the transaction. In this case their system will decline the transaction, even though it has actually been authorized.
What does this mean for you? Sometimes you may see a transaction on your ProPay card listed in your reports as a “–PPMC AUTH.” This means that the merchant has only authorized your card; they haven’t yet settled the transaction. Now if it is a restaurant or a hotel, they will likely be settling your transaction at a later point and you’ll just want to keep an eye on it. If, however, you tried to pay with your card but were told by the merchant that it declined, this type of authorization will usually resolve itself. As a courtesy to our customers we typically release authorization charges after five business days. If you would like your transaction to be released sooner than that we need a signed document from the merchant stating that they will not be claiming the funds that have been authorized to them. We usually recommend this document be typed on a company letterhead, include information about the transaction, and be signed by the merchant. Once you have the document you can call customer service at 866-573-0951 for help in getting the authorization released. When an authorization charge has been released you will see it credited back to your ProPay account and it will be listed in your reports as “+PPMC EXPIRED AUTH.”
I’m not seeing a customer’s transaction in my reports. What happened?
If you’re missing a customer’s transaction in your reports, the transaction may be an authorization transaction. For example, you may charge your customer’s card but not see it in your transaction history, however, your customer sees it listed on their bank account. Or, you might receive an email from ProPay, stating that a transaction has been processed, but the transaction is not showing in your reports.
Authorization transactions can happen for any number of reasons and usually result from some sort of timeout issue between our system and the bank’s system. This may also occur because of a weak internet connection or an error with the app.
If this is the case, you will see the transaction listed under the "Authorize Only" transaction report. You will need to be logged in to your account online in order to view this report (this report is not accessible via the app.) By selecting this report, you can see the authorized transaction listed there. You will need to select the transaction and choose to either settle it or void it. You would want to void it if you’ve already received another form of payment from your customer. If you choose to settle the transaction it will take the normal 24 hours to settle into your account balance.
What about tax information?
If you process over $20,000 in the year and you have over 200 transactions that year (you must fulfill both requirements) we are required to file a 1099K form for you with the IRS. When you log in at the beginning of the year you may be prompted to update or verify your business information. This will occur when we’ve attempted to run your information against the IRS database and the information doesn’t match. We will then ask you to update and verify your information so that we can file it with the correct information. You can find that document under View Reports --> Tax Information.
If you do not fulfill those two requirements we will create an Annual Fee Summary for you to report how much you paid in fees each month of the year with ProPay. This will also be listed under View Reports--> Tax Information. You can use this report for your own tax purposes.
*Most authorization transactions will settle automatically within 24 hours if not voided. If the transaction has settled and you have already received payment from your customer in another form, you will want to refund the transaction.
What are processing limits?
Processing limits serve to mitigate risk because they help protect you against potential losses on your account. There is a single transaction limit which refers to the dollar amount you can process for any one transaction. There is also a monthly processing limit which is the total dollar amount you can process in a calendar month.
Why are there processing limits?
The credit card associations have suggested processing limits as a method of helping protect cardholders and merchants against fraud. By limiting processing amounts while a processing history is established, ProPay is better able to help prevent fraud and stay within industry-standard risk management policies.

How do I increase my processing limits?
Per-transaction and monthly ProPay account processing limits are dependent on your account type. If your business requires higher limits please contact ProPay’s Limits Department by emailing

*Please note it is a violation of the ProPay Payment Services Agreement and card association rules to split a transaction to circumvent account limits.

Why might a reserve be required for higher processing limits?
A reserve fund is held as protection against any possible chargebacks that may occur against your account. The funds in reserve can be held up to 270 days, per the Payment Services Agreement. They may be released sooner by either lowering your processing limits or closing your ProPay account.
The ProPay Prepaid Debit MasterCard®*
About your card.
You can use your ProPay PrePaid Debit Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You can run the card as a debit or a credit transaction. You can use the card for a cash back transaction, or a cash advance through the MasterCard network at any bank that will perform the cash advance for you. You’re also able to use any ATM that has a MasterCard or PULSE logo. If you are purchasing gas at the gas station, the card will not work at the pump, but you can take it inside to the attendant and have them run the card for you. If you have any trouble with your MasterCard, please call our customer service team and be prepared to provide information about your unsuccessful transaction. Helpful information would include the amount of the transaction you attempted, the date and time of your transaction, and the location (including address, where available).

How do I request a card?
Before you request a card, please check your address information on your profile and ensure that it is correct. We will send the card to whatever address you have listed on your account. (If you have both a billing and mailing address added we will mail the card to your mailing address). You can request a card by logging into your account and selecting My Account -->  My Profile --> Change Options. Check the box indicating where you would like to receive a card and click "Submit."
How do I use my card?
You can use your ProPay PrePaid Debit MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Please remember that because the card is prepaid, it will need to be run as a credit transaction. If you are purchasing gas at the gas station the card will not work at the pump, but you can take it inside to the attendant and have them run the card for you.

Card activation and reporting lost/stolen cards
To activate your card or to report a lost/stolen card click here.
Transferring Funds
How do I transfer funds?
Log into your ProPay account and select Transfer Funds--> Transfer Funds to My Checking Account.
*Please note, though not required, we do advise completing the Validation Process before transferring funds out of your ProPay account to avoid any return fees. For more information regarding the Validation Process, please click here.
If you do not currently have a bank account on file, you will receive a screen prompting you to provide this information by clicking on the ‘Add a Bank Account’ link.
Enter your checking account information. All the information you need can be found on a check from that account. If you have questions, click on the "What is this" link for more information. When you have entered your bank account information, click Submit.
*Please note that you only have to enter your checking account information one time. If you wish to transfer to another checking account, but don’t want to change your bank account on file, click on Transfer Funds--> Transfer to Another Checking Account.
If you already have a checking account on file, simply enter the transfer amount and click Submit. Confirm the transfer information. If everything is accurate, click Submit.
You should immediately receive a confirmation that the transfer request was complete.
Can I cancel a Funds Transfer?
We try to get your funds to you as quickly as we can, so your window to cancel a transfer is small. Normally the report is sent out in the afternoon, so as long as you catch the transfer before then, you’re usually able to cancel the transfer. To cancel, login to your account and select View Reports--> Transactions --> Select this month to view --> Click the transaction number of the transfer you wish to cancel. You will see the transaction details and a ‘void’ button. Click that button and follow any prompts until you see that it was successfully voided. If the button does not show up, then it is already too late to cancel the transfer.
How do I transfer funds to another ProPay account?
Log in to your account and select Transfer Funds --> Transfer Funds to Another ProPay Account. Follow the instructions and fill out the form. Please be very careful to type the email address correctly, as there is no way to cancel a ProPay to ProPay transfer if you’ve entered the wrong email address.
Can I transfer funds to another Bank Account?
You can transfer funds to a bank account other than the one listed in your profile by using the Transfer To Another Bank Account option under "Transfer Funds." This allows you to transfer funds to a different bank account without removing the bank account you’ve added to your profile.
To do this, log in to your ProPay account and select Transfer Funds --> Transfer To Another Bank Account. Enter the required information, making sure the routing and account numbers are entered correctly. Click the submit button. Carefully review the information to be sure you’re sending your funds to the correct account. When you’re certain it is correct, click submit again. Once you’ve initiated the transfer, the funds will typically arrive within 2-4 business days.
Can I add funds to my ProPay account?
You can add funds from your linked and validated bank account into your ProPay Account. 
To add funds from your bank account you must have first complete the bank validation process. For more information about validating your bank account, click here.
To add funds from your validated bank account, log in to your account and select Transfer Funds --> Add Funds. Enter the amount you want to transfer from your bank account into your ProPay account. Confirm the information you entered and click submit.

*Please note that you are able to add $1,000 per month in installments of $250 each.
The funds will be available in your balance in 7-9 business days. ProPay holds incoming ACH transactions for a certain period of time because we need to be certain that there are no problems with the transaction. The bank sending the funds can sometimes reverse Add Funds transactions. In order to lessen ProPay's risk, Add Funds transactions are held for a period of time. We can be reasonably certain after the 7-9 business days that there are no problems with the transaction and that the possibility of the ACH transaction being reversed is significantly decreased.
There is no fee to add funds to your ProPay account.
*You can cancel an Add Funds transaction as long as the bank has not yet sent the funds. You can do so by logging in to your account online. Select View Reports --> Transactions --> Choose the month you wish to view --> Click the transaction number of the request you wish to cancel --> Click the Void Transaction button. If the void is successful, you will see a confirmation page. If it has been too long and the bank has already sent the funds you will see a message that the void attempt was unsuccessful. 
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