We do payments in a big way for big companies

We have innovative solutions for enterprise customers that include secure payment options and reduced transaction costs. ProtectPay®, our tokenization service, is available to businesses of all sizes. This service allows companies to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments without storing, processing or transmitting the data.


Enable Your Sales Force to Accept Credit Cards

We can enable your sales representatives to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. Online, offline and mobile payment solutions. They can even process swipe transactions on your corporate merchant account. Ask us how.


Flexible Payment Methods

  • Swipe cards with our ProPay JAKTM and ProPay FLASH mobile card readers
  • Accept payments online via our Online Virtual Terminal
  • Send invoices via email invoices with a secure payment link
  • Get credit card authorizations by the phone
  • Process credit cards on your corporate Merchant Account with our MasterMobile Service
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ACH Processing Services

Our ACH Payment Solution provides a simple, secure and affordable way for clients to process ACH payment data. Additionally, through the ProtectPay suite of services, ACH payment data is encrypted and tokenized so that it can be securely stored. This allows businesses to process repeat transactions against the data without having to store it.


For more information about our Payment Processing solutions, call 888.227.9856 or email sales@propay.com.

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